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Motorized Pallet Racking

Motorized Pallet Racking

One type of storage system cannot satisfy the requirements of all kinds of clients. The range of storage solutions provided by Darshan Industries are designed keeping in mind the specifications of the customers and are suitable for low rise shelving. Our Mobile Pallet Racking is one such storage system designed by our team to cater to the needs of a particular set of clients. TheseMotorized Pallet Racking simplify the storage problems of manufacturers and suppliers who have a small warehouse. As every shelf in the pallet racking is based on movable carriages which move on the rails on the ground. These Mobile Pallet Racking are driven by electric motors which make the movement easy and efficient.

As India’s noted Motorized Pallet Racking Suppliers we understand the need for a flexible storage design. Be it in logistic companies, hospitals of educational institutions, our Motorized Pallet Racking will serve your storage purpose the best. You can regularly change the storage setup, use the same racks to store a variety of items and access any compartment with ease. Thus our highly flexible and durable storage systems are great value for money.

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suitable for low rise shelving.

A finger force by a person is sufficient to move the drive train.

A floor lock, secures the fixed and mobile blocks and prevents pilferage.

Accidental movement is prevented though an aisle lock.

powder coated.


Filling Cabines

Light-weight multiple product storage

Storage of Expensive items



offices warehousing

pharma industries

logistic comanies



Educational institutes



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